Socio-Ecological Transitions Seminar (SETS) A.Y. 2022-2023

SETS aims at reflecting with critical instruments and theories on socio-ecological transformations in times of crisis – with a special focus on everyday life and the sphere of social and ecological reproduction. In particular, the seminars aim at eliciting reflection on the different practices and “fields” where struggles and transformative action take place. The seminars are open to a diverse audience, including academics, students, practitioners, social movements, and non-specialist public [read a short report on the first edition HERE].

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A.Y 2022-2023 program (Spring Semester)

March 22nd  

Marlyne Sahakian – Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Geneva  

Marlyne will present the co-authored book “Consumption Corridors. Living a Good Life within Sustainable Limits” 

How to enhance peoples’ chances to live a good life within limits? 

April 12th 

Erinch Sahan, Business & Enterprise Lead at Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL).  

Erinch will deliver the talk “Doughnut design for business: redesigning businesses through Doughnut Economics”. 

How can we rethink and transform the deep design of business – its purpose and networks, how it is governed and owned? 

May 24th  

Alf Hornborg, Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University  

Alf will deliver the talk “Unpacking the Black Box of Energy Technology”. 

What are the cultural assumptions constraining human approaches to economics, technology, and ecology?  

All sessions of the seminar are held online, using Zoom, and start at 4 pm CEST [3 pm UK time]

The Socio-Ecological Transitions Seminar (SETS) is a joint initiative between the Research Group on Collective Action, Change, and Transition at the University of Trento, the Centre for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Consumption at Bournemouth University, and the Environmental Sociology Section at the University of Orebro.


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