Culture and Lifestyles a.a. 2020-2021 (UniTN)

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Master’s Course in Sociology and social research – University of Trento

Culture and Lifestyles – Prof. Francesca Forno

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The course discusses the major social, cultural and economic changes of contemporary societies through the analysis of shifts occurred in consumption patterns and practices. The main objective of this course is to provide an advanced introduction to consumer theory and the (interdisciplinary) field of consumption studies (read more….)

Class time and location


Class schedule

Part I: Introduction

MON_14-9Introduction and course overview2
Warde, A. (2015) “The Sociology of Consumption: Its Recent Development” Annual Review of Sociology 41: 117–34 [On line at UniTN Library catalogue].
TUE_15-9Production and consumption, economy and culture: a beginning of a conversation4
Zukin S. and Smith Maguire J. (2004) “Consumers and Consumption” Annual Review of Sociology Vol. 30: 173-19 [On line at UniTN Library catalogue]. Storey J., Ch. 8: “Consumerism and Consumer Society” pp. 103-116
MON_21-9Why we consume (as we do)6
Storey J., Ch. 1: “Why we consume” pp. 1-17 Storey J., Ch. 2: “Consumption as manipulation” pp. 19-33 Storey J., Ch. 3: “Consumption as social communication” pp. 35-45
TUE_22-9Market fragmentation and Consumer culture8
Stillerman J., Ch. 2: “Marketing and Retail” pp. 20-50 Stillerman J, Ch. 3: “Market fragmentation and globalization” pp. 51-82
MON_28-9Consumption and identity10
Storey S., Ch. 7: “Consumption and Identity” pp. 87-102

Social differences and consumption

TUE_29-9Consumption, status and class12
Stillerman J., Ch. 4: “Consumption Status and Class” pp. 83-108
MON_5-10Students-led presentation and class discussion14
Dimaggio P and Useem M (1978) “Social Class and Arts Consumption: The Origins and Consequences of Class Differences in Exposure to the Arts in America”, Theory and Society, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 141-161

Consumption, gender and race16
Stillerman J., Ch. 5: “Gender and Race at the Margins and Center of Consumption” pp. 109-141

Students-led presentation and class discussion18
Fischer E. and Arnold S. J. (1990) “More Than a Labor of Love: Gender Roles and Christmas Gift Shopping”, Journal of Consumer Research Vol. 17, No. 3, pp. 333-345 [On line at UniTN Library catalogue].
TUE_13-10Consumption and life course20
Stillerman J., Ch. 6:The Life Course” pp. 142-162
MON_19-10Students-led presentation and class discussion22
Schor, J. B  (2003)“The Commodification of Childhood. Tales From The Advertising Front Lines” in The Hedgehog Review – Volume 5, No. 2 pp. 7-23 [On line at UniTN Library catalogue].
TUE_20-10Recap and going forward24
Stillerman J., Ch. 8: “Consumer Citizenship in the Era of Globalization” pp.174-187

Part II: Consumer society and its consequences

MON_26-10Documentary and discussion26
The True Cost – 2015 documentary film focusing on fast fashion and discussing several aspects of the global garment industry.
TUE_27-10Consumption, economic growth and well being28
Smart, B. (2012) Consumer Society: Critical Issues and Environmental Consequences. London: Sage (Chapter 6 and 7: Consequences of Consumerism) [available on Moodle]
TUE_3-11The concept of Sustainable development30
Klarin, T. (2018) “The Concept of Sustainable Development: From its Beginning to the Contemporary Issues”. Zagreb International Review of Economics & Business, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 67-94 [available on Moodle]
MON_9-11Policy and governance for sustainable consumption32
Margit Keller M. Bente Halkier B. and Wilska T.A. (2016) “Policy and Governance for Sustainable Consumption at the Crossroads of Theories and Concepts” Environmental Policy and Governance, Volume26, Issue2: 75-88

Part III: Grassroots responses to sustainability challenges

TUE_10-11Political consumerism34
Stolle D. and Micheletti M. (2013) Political Consumerism: Global Responsibility in Action, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Chapters 1 and 2) [available on Moodle].
MON_16-11Students-led presentation and class discussion36
Stolle D., Hooghe M. and Micheletti M. (2005) Politics in the Supermarket: Political Consumerism as a Form of Political Participation. International Political Science Review / Revue internationale de science politique, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 245-269
TUE_24-11From individual to collective forms of political consumerism  38
Forno, F., & Graziano, P. R. (2014). “Sustainable community movement organisations”. Journal of Consumer Culture, 14(2), 139–157.

Students-led presentation and class discussion40
Schlosberg, D. (2019) “From postmaterialism to sustainable materialism: the environmental politics of practice-based movements”, Environemntal Politics [On line at UniTN Library catalogue].
TUE_1-12Recap and preparation for the final workshop42

Part IV: Final workshop

THUR_10-12Course project presentations (ALL DAY!)48

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