L&CP – Final Workshop 2022-2023

Tuesday 6 December 2022, h. 13-16

13-13,10 Miriam Luisa Werny Are women more willing to change their lifestyle and consumption practices to reduce the effects of climate change than men?
13,10-13,20 Florian Simon Sepperl It’s all about the Lifestyle, to identify and express yourself” – Consumption habits in a professional snowboarder’s daily life
13,20-13,40 Common discussion
13,40-13,50 Sven Bernard Preferences of men and women on meat consumption
13,50-14 Laura Fee Kremer Consumption patterns of Generation Z
14-14,10 Anna Marie Farris How Have Consumption Practice Changes Impacted the General Health and Well Being of Americans in the Last 20 Years?
14,10-14,30 Common discussion
14,30-14,40 Mattia Melara Differences in eating habits among non-resident students
14,40-14,50 Yasmin Da Silva Alves & Danyelle Santos The practice of eating in Brazil
14,50-15,10 Common discussion
15,10-15,20 Sara Barilli & Leonardo Gonzo Fedel SDG 12.3: food waste, a comparative analysis of public school food waste management in Bologna and Trento, Italy
15,20-15,30 Emil Montel Shopping tips by smartphones: analysis of food quality apps inside the social practice of grocery shopping
15,30-1540 Common discussion

15,50-16 Final thoughts