Final Workshop – Course project presentations [DEC. 18]

Culture and Lifestyles

Final Workshop

a.a. 2018-2019



Laura McQuade, Claire Hemme, An investigation into how consumption reinforces gender roles within the context of the nuclear household.

Nathalia Campreguer, Lifestyle politics in Brazil.

Melis Iscan, Consumption of Visual Arts.

Alina Dulbecco, Elisa Gottardi, Ibtissam Lefrouni, The consumerism of technology.

Michele Giancaspro, Erik Treppo, Gaspare Greco, Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumers behaviours.

Truong Thi Hong Nhu, Del Favero Giulia, Second-hand clothing consumption.



Daniela Negoita, Consumption of natural resources. Relationship between China and Africa.

Mario Garofalo, The energy consumption and the environmental issue.

Marlen Paulitti, Empowering campaigns and consumerism.

Ibrahim Akinyemi, Role of place-of-origin labelling in consumption choice: any thoughts about the production foot soldiers?

Casey McAndrew, Effect of Warning labels on red meat consumption in your neighbourhood market: Taking it a step further.

Sara Moioli, Greenwashing and spiritual claims in cosmetics marketing.



Chiara De Siena, Laura Gasparini, Eva Martinelli, Boycotting/Buycotting and home-produced food.

Bevilacqua Nichita, Zampieri Giovanni, Fruitarian diet and lifestyle.

Mori Elisa, Moroni Marta, Savina Margherita, Food consumerism and local sustainable consumption: a comparison between two different lifestyles.

Daniel Belback, Democratic processes in Political Consumerism and the inherent obstacles in coming to fruition.