Final Workshop – Course project presentations [AY 2020-2021]

Thursday 10 DEC | TIME: 9,15-17,30

Please note that you will have 5-7 minutes for each presenatation. Presentations should be suppoted by a short ppt (3-4 slides) organized as follow:

  • Title + names of all authors
  • Theoretical framework + research question
  • Proposed research design

Morning session

9:15-10:15Consumerism, overconsumption and commodification  
Elia D’AversaEmotional labour and the commercialization of human emotions.
Giulia Coppo, Giorgio Dolci & Giacomo MelliCultural and consumerist practices in political communication: an analysis of the Italian context.
Roberto D’AlbaCommodification of mental health – New survivors movements Vs Big Pharma.
Leonardo MoraHyper-consumerism and impulse buying online.
11:30-12:30Consumption and identity
Nicla SchwanderBuilding children’s identity during childhood: consumption’s influences.
Agnese CapurriBoard games: from means of socialization to symbol of consumerism.
Laura PaulettoThe Erotic Industry and the Consumption of Sex Products: A Comparison between Two Countries.
Manuela IntiniVegan beauty products: between political consumerism and femvertising.
12:30-13:30Consumption spaces and times
Carlo Dimitri & Mattia FerrarisInequalities in the supermarket, aesthetic and spatial disposition of products.
Sofia ErcolanoniChristmas consumption behaviours and consumers’ awareness of sustainable practices.
Francesco De Salvatore & Lorenzo Di BartoloFreeganism: an unconventional political issue against food waste and green capitalism.

Afternoon session

14:30-15:30The forms of political consumerism
Marta Fatiga & Krystyna PetrenkoCritical consumption and boycott and Political consumerism.
Stefano FongaroUnderstanding boycotters’/buycotters’ point of view. The meaning behind political consumerism practices.
Federica Antonelli & Leonardo VeronesiPolitical consumerism and boycott: actions against the growth of e-commerce. Amazon case study.
15:30-16:30The search for “good” food
Kristen Levesque & Özge YazıcıAlternative food systems.
Sofia Borgogni, Elena Franzetti & Gianluca ReolonAlternative meat in Italy.
Mariya Lenko & Maria PaschoalOrganic food consumption. From politics to ethics.
16:30-17:30Scaling out and scaling up
Cecilia Brazioli & Shermy Del GiudiceGruppi di Acquisto Solidale in Italy as a form of political consumerism: how they are dealing with the pandemic.
Timon Kai DrewesInvestigating sustainable materialism and prefigurative activism using the example of tenement building syndicates. How well do utopias work in practice?
Elio StranoWhat’s on the agenda? Sustainability and intergovernmental organization