Final paper

Please note that this is an option only for attending students

The final paper can be an individual or a co-authored work, in any case, it must not involve more than 2 students.

Each paper must identify a topic to be explored. The final work will have to demonstrate both methodological and theoretical competencies. Each essay should contain a literature review (which must depart from the list of readings discussed during the course), a section concerning the research design and the description and discussion of a “pilot study”.

The chosen topic, the structure of the final paper (research question and initial literature review) will be presented and discussed during the final workshop of the course.

The essay must be about 4.000 words for a single author and should include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Research design
  4. Pilot study and discussion of data
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

The final paper must be printed and submitted during a regular exam session (after online registration).

Filanlal grades

The evaluation criteria of the paper are: (a) depth and breadth of the literature review; (b) articulation of the research questions; (c) accuracy of the research design; (d) appropriate use of the discipline’s own language; (d) communicative effectiveness and ability to summarize.

  • Excellent [28-30/30]

The final paper is comprehensive and detailed, integrating themes and concepts from lectures, discussions and readings. Writing is clear and well organized. Research questions and research design are well defined. Classroom participation was consistent and thoughtful.

  • Very good [26-27/30]

The final paper is complete and accurate. Writing is clear and well organized. Research questions and research design are well described. Classroom participation was consistent and thoughtful.

  • Average [22-25/30]

This final paper is correct and the research questions and research design are consistent. The literature review is sufficiently detailed but the arguments remain on a descriptive level. Classroom participation was inarticulate.

  • Sufficient [18-21]

The final paper expresses a basic understanding of the themes and concept discussed during the course. Writing is incomplete and evidences little understanding of the topics and of the material discussed during the course. Classroom participation was sporadic.

  • Failed

The final paper is not sufficiently developed. Arguments demonstrate inattention to detail and overlook significant themes.