Feeding Trento: countryside, food and the city

Nutrire Trento (Feeding Trento) is a project promoted by the Municipality and the University of Trento in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige in northern Italy, with the aim to search for solutions to the three major food paradoxes of today: Hunger vs. Obesity | Food vs. Fuel | Waste vs. Starvation. It involves farmers, consumers, civil society groups, researchers and local administrators around the goal of improving the quality of food that supplies the city and provide fair remuneration to the actors in the local food chain.

To this end, a digital platform www.nutriretrento.it was created that allows the visualization and evaluation of actors and places in the short food circuits, mapping farmers, local and organic food markets, specialized stores, consumer groups and urban and social gardens in the in the Trento area.

Under the scientific direction of prof. Francesca Forno of the Dept. of Sociology and Social Research (Univ. of Trento), the project embraces a community-engaged research approach, which involves a collaborative process between academic researchers and community partners with the aim to co-create and disseminate knowledge to strengthening the well-being of the community.

Objectives and areas of intervention:

  • production of social innovation, citizenship participation, environmental sustainability, sustainable economic development;
  • research and knowledge transfer, human resources, training and cultural offer, communication.

Joint actions between institutional and non-institutional actors regards:

  • Information and awareness of responsible consumption;
  • Information and awareness of sustainable food production;
  • Logistics rationalisation